My Daddy is Japanese

Currently Japan faces a serious problem, “The demographic crisis”.

With the report of the Japanese government concluded that by the current rhythm of the births, the Japanese population in 2055 should fall from almost 30%. One will count to among this population, approximately 40% are more than 65 years old. The rate of the births remains always low, 1.27 child per woman, then 70% are resigned after having had a child or to be pregnant.
Today the Japanese state regards this problem as an emergency subject. It tries to cure it by the application of several administrative proposals. But most important is how stimulate the Japanese father to invest themselves more in the family. The current questions turn around the role of the father against this crisis.

In the work world until the 90’s, the company ensured good salary, this one made it possible all to become owners and to offer good studies to the children. Then like the companies were very rich, generally without counting, after work, the employees could have fun with the executives or with the clients to drink all the evening while singing in karaoke with hostesses or playing the golf on Sunday.

Now the budgetary expenditure is reduced and the salary don’t never increase, in compare than of the times passed to the office for hold the company on high. The consequence is that more and more the young employees, at the beginning of their career, often feel the incapacity to achieve a professional goal.

They then decide to take the risk for starting themselves on their account in opening all kinds of small service company or creative field which focusing towards a more human life. Disgusted per too much money which went and came during the time in the bubbly economic growth, the young generation of the Japanese dad finally starts to notice,

“By where passes the success of a life? ”.