Lowriders in Japan

“I love Hip-Hop and am dreaming with L.A and Black Culture” one young men with many gold neckless said, in sitting on the front board of his customized 60’s red car. Meeting in Moriya Park Area is one of the famous place for “Low Riders Japanese”, twice by year they organize a big meeting to show their car, their treasure, to discuss on the new operations, new mechanical transformations and more.
Everyone carry a name of team, who have a special garage to make
Customized Tuning on their cars.

“Here, people meet quite simply to share their pleasures. We are not here to make the competition, and those are not battles of clan either. Just we came here to discuss our “treasures”, a young mechanic said.
“In fact, it is really difficult to find this type of cars as good condition in Japan, now. And then practically all one tune up the original operations. In average it cost between 2~4 million yens (15,000~30,000euros).
It is true that for the young people, it is not an obvious purchase. Thus the majority have to invest all their wages, because the pleasure of the tuning never stops in any case.”

“We are not the gang of the motorcyclists. On our premises there are no rules and no hierarchy really severe, as in the Mafia. But it is true that the chief is respected, because it is him which directs the team more or less. But at first we are just freaks of car. I mean that one day some ones who liked the same style of car, made team. Then they started to roll together, while wearing the same wind-breaker for example. Admittedly, certain operations are illegal, under the strict standards imposed by the police force. But we respects strictly the highway code and especially we do much more attention Don’t disturb people.” told, a young leader with the braided hair.

17:00 of after midday the engine were roared again. Now the sun starts to lie down. It is time to return to the garage. One by one, Low Riders set out again on the motorway in making explode their treasure.